About Foundation

Our mission is to support those, who faced workplace discrimination due to having any body modifications.

Our mission

 Discrimination is the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people. We can assist you with defending your rights or provide you with an advice from our legal advisor depending on your current situation. On our website you can:

File a case

File a case of discrimination by body modifications to hold accountable those, who have been unrightful to you.

Offer help

Offer help to those who have been discriminated or get legal help for yourself;

Sign a petition

Sign a petition to amend the U.S. Constitution to include protection for people with body modifications.

Chat with other people

Chat with other people facing the same problem or that have been discriminated against body modifications 

Share your story

You can share your story to hold accountable those who have been unrightful to you.

Do not hesitate to report a case of discrimination

On our website you can chat with other people facing the same problem and share your story about being discriminated against body modifications.

Mark Arago
Founder of Ink-Match,
CEO of the Foundation for the Rights of People with Body Modifications

About the founder

Since childhood, Mark had always noticed injustice and wanted to eradicate it. After school, he took a gap year to volunteer and find his mission in life. During that time, Mark realized that being a lawyer is his vocation, so he entered the David A. Clarke School of Law. On the second year of studying, he got his first tattoo and started working as a tattoo artist.

Having heard stories about discrimination from his clients, he decided to get back to his roots and teamed up with the lawyers. Together they worked on cases related to discrimination against body modifications and won 8 related cases in one year. Such success inspired Mark to help people that struggle with discrimination against body modifications.

That’s how it all started with the “Foundation For The Rights Of People With Body Modifications”.